Business description

Accord Pacific Enterprise LTD., established in 1989, has two business services:

• Banners & Sign supplies

•Tarps & Shelters

Accord Banners & Sign Supplies is a distributor of various sign supplies for digital imaging, trade show display, screen printing and sign industries. Our warehouses are located in Burnaby, BC and Calgary, AB. At Accord Banners & Sign Supplies, we offer a wide range of digital media, vinyl banners with many different weights and widths, pressure sensitive vinyl, window graphic media, flag materials, high quality MDO painted or custom colours, standard and custom size aluminum blanks and many other plastic substrates. We also provide finishing works for vinyl banners which include: hemming, grommeting, sewing pockets and sleeves and webbing. We also heat weld panels to create larger size banners.

Accord Tarps & Shelters specializes in design and manufacturing custom size truck tarps, dump trailer tarps, steel tarps, lumber tarps, PVC mesh fences, industrial warehouse curtains, equipment covers, industrial woven polyethylene/vinyl shelters and shelter covers. Our facility is fully equipped with state of the art heat welding machines, heavy duty industrial sewing machines, automatic grommet machines, computerized plotter and fabric slitting machine.

Vancouver, BC Office

5142 Still Creek Ave., Burnaby, BC

Phone: 604.293.1893  Toll Free: 1.888.722.2207


Calgary, AB Office

Address: Unot 126 4029 8th St. S.E., Calgary, AB

Phone: 403-264-8616  Fax: 403-264-8655


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