Backlit LED


  • Snap aluminum frame
  • 80,000 life hours
  • Energy smart
  • Pays for itself

Current Available Sizes

  • 27.5”x39”
  • 24”x36”
  • 24.4”x33.1”
  • 26.5”x23.4”
  • 11.7”x16.5”
  • 8.3”x11.7”


  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame: lightweight all-aluminum construction with aluminum alloy. 
  • Low Profile: only 2cm thick 
  • Bright Illumination: very bright and very even illumination 
  • Cool Surface: lit surface stays cool 
  • Quick Change Frame: Easy to use, “Snap-open” frames for easy graphic changes. 
  • On/Off Rocker Switch: located on outside edge of frame 
  • One-Sided: one side of the light box is backlit 
  • Versatile Mounting: can be hung on a wall in portrait or landscape orientation 
  • Light Source: uses LED edge lit technology 
  • LED Life: 80,000 – 100,000 hours on average. Maintains adequate LUX readings even in large sizes. 
  • Very Energy Efficient: only 10 watts to save you on electrical and maintenance. Maintenance 


  • No mold charge need and size can be from A4 to A0 and B4 to B0 or do based on your 



It’s Ideal for backlighting transparent photos, artwork, signs, movie posters, or 

graphic displays for trade show booths, restaurants, hotels, museum exhibits, and 

retail displays. Also perfect for tracing, as well as viewing and sorting slides 

and transparencies. Although it initially costs more than traditional light panel, this slim light box 

has many benefits that help outweigh its expensive. Because LED bulbs are smaller 

and more efficient than fluorescent bulbs, this light box display is thinner 

and will actually save you money in the long run . 

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