Spray Adhesives and Adhesive Removal Sprays

#707 – Fast Drying Vinyl Application Spray 

  • Solves common problems in screen printing or sign / display shops
  • Allows for repositioning; remains unaffected by humidity or cold
  • Fast drying. Helps to eliminate bubbles and wrinkles
  • Cleans surface prior to vinyl application
  • Excellent for wet application of pressure-sensitive vinyl signs, graphics or decals

#055 – Foam & Fabric Adhesive 

  • Effectively bonds fabric to foam, metal, or wood surfaces, and to itself.
  • Bonds urethane and latex-type foams to themselves in butt-splicing, knife edging, laminating, boxing, and edge turning operations as well as to metal, rigid plastic, and wood surfaces
  • Offers quick tack and high coverage, while providing a strong bond
  • It does not darken, nor does it leave a residual odor

#201 – Plastic Spray Clear Fixative 

  • Clear acrylic protective coating for use by artists, printers, picture framers, and screen printers
  • Protects artwork, proofs, photos, blueprints, etc. from aging, yellowing or smudging
  • Highly-flexible, water-repellent, quick-drying
  • Safe to use on watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil, and colored ink renderings

#848 – Plastic Cleaner 

  • Formulated for use on many surfaces including acrylics, Plexiglas, glass, polycarbonates, chrome, Formica, porcelain, fiberglass, and marble
  • Reduces glare. Repels finger smudges, dirt and dust
  • Anti-static, anti-fog. Fast-drying, non-streaking
  • Contains no chemicals or abrasives that will cause damage to any transparent surface

#894 – Water Based Multi-Purpose Adhesive Remover

  • Removes adhesives from glass, Plexiglas; vinyl and poly banners, painted aluminum, auto paint, and many other surfaces
  • Perfect for use during tinted window installations
  • Water-soluble, non-flammable
  • For use only on oil-based enamel and fully-cured painted surfaces

#050 – Glass Cleaner

  • The most versatile glass cleaner available – cleans glass, windows, mirrors, windshields; enamel surfaces, chrome, tile, porcelain and other hard surfaces
  • Dissolves dirt, grease, grit, and grime
  • Heavy-duty foam clings to vertical surfaces
  • Guaranteed to leave no film
  • Contains perfume-grade alcohol for best performance

#958 – Auto Glass Quick Release Agent

  • Softens and releases adhesive bonds for easy autoglass, carpeting, and weather strip removal
  • Removes adhered decals, chrome molding, and bonded emblems
  • Softens several types of windshield sealers
  • Offers pinpoint accuracy for hard-to-reach applications

#040 – Graphic Arts Glass Cleaner

  • Anti-static formulation
  • Designed for picture framers, printers, artists, screen printers, sign makers, and sewing trade personnel
  • Leaves no film, streaks, scratches, or residue
  • For use on copy boards, lenses, negatives, and stripping tables
  • Can be used safely on many surfaces including Formica, chrome, porcelain, and plastics
  • Contains no ammonia

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